Dare to disrupt yourself!

The fundamental unit of growth in any organization is the individual: the S Curve of Learning helps us understand how we grow.

Where are you on the S Curve of Learning?

You––You may already have an intuitive sense of where you are on your current S Curve, but this diagnostic will give you a way to diagram your experience and to take responsibility for your own learning and development.

People you work with–––you know where you are, you can use the Locator to build a high performing team. Have each person on your team take the diagnostic. Plot where they are: where they think they are, and where you think they are. It’s an important conversation, one that will allow you to manage their momentum. When you have a team of people who are growing, you have a high-performing team. And, because you are helping people grow, you are a boss people want to work for.

Your organization––You can use the S Curve Locator is to build a high growth organization, one that can innovate. What we are beginning to see in our work is that you equip your organization to grow and innovate, by optimizing the S Curves of your team, with 70% of their people in the sweet spot of the S Curve (people who can ask and answer questions that lead to innovation)–––15% at the launch point and high end respectively. Take your organization’s pulse. We recommend you do so every six months. You’ll then know if you are ready to innovate or are at risk of stagnation, if it’s time to re-balance your curves.

High growth organizations needs high growth individuals.